Principal’s Pen

Principal’s Pen – June 2013

I want to thank all PHCA volunteers from the bottom of my heart for your immense talents, graceful efforts, humble hearts, and dependable spirits!  The 2012-2013 school year was as busy and full of events and projects as any year I can remember … but because of our wonderful volunteers, we were able to pull it all off with an excellence that I’m sure pleased our Lord.  I want you to know that I appreciate everyone and really enjoy it when I get to personally work alongside you.

You are all blessings to our PHCA community!


Principal’s Pen – April 2013

We are now into the last quarter of the school year, and it is difficult to imagine how the year has flown by so quickly.  Parent interviews for new families entering the Academy are taking place now as we welcome new faces to the PHCA family.  SAT testing, field trips, outreach projects, ACSI competitions, the Garage Sale and a host of other activities will take place before the close of school on June 6.

Having completed our kindergarten screening for the coming school year we are pleased to report that we have a fine group of children that will comprise this class.  Our summer kindergarten picnic in August will serve as an informal get acquainted time for these new faces to PHCA.

A special and most important THANK YOU goes out to Nancy Diblasi and Suzanne Conn for coordinating another successful Bowl-a-thon.   The ladies have worked tirelessly over many months and we reaped (staff and families) reaped the benefits of their effort.


Principal’s Pen – January 2013

Music Department Update
As most you already know our beloved music teacher – Mrs. Halleland will be leaving a baby this spring.  The baby is due in early April and Mrs. Halleland’s goal is to teach until that time.  God has blessed PHCA with a wonderful music teacher and we are excited about her pregnancy and ask you to pray along with us, for Mr. & Mrs. Halleland as well as their baby.  Based on this information, we have elected to move the Spring Concert from May to March.  The Spring Concert for grades 3-6 will be the night of March 15th.  Please mark your calendars.

We extend special congratulations to 53 of our students at grades 3-6 who achieved Merit (B average), Honor (A average), or Principal (All A’s) Roll at the close of the second grading period.  This represents 76% of our students at these grade levels.  They are to be commended for academic excellence.

Extra-Curricular Activities
Preparations have been underway and on going for student participation in various extra-curricular activities this winter and spring.  Students have already participated in the ACSI Math Olympics, Spelling Bee and Creative Writing competitions.  They are preparing now for the Speech Meet, Science Fair, Band and Art competitions to follow.  Along with the ACSI events, the boys and girls basketball teams are into their season of play.  We thank the Lord for all opportunities to represent Him in all we do for His glory!

The Basics of Christian Education
A genuine Christian education provides a quality education that glorifies Jesus Christ and prepares students for lives of faithful and obedient service to Him.  The Bible is the integrative force, and all our faculty, staff, and administration personally know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

Finally, as we look forward to the final semester of the school year, we look forward to continued growth in many of our students’ lives.  May we seek God for all things as we allow Him to guide and direct all that we do at the Academy.


Principal’s Pen – November 2012 

I get excited thinking about all God is doing and going to do this year at PHCA.  His vision for the school year is always much larger than I can even imagine.  The school’s Mission Statement states that we (the faculty & staff) partner with the family and church to provide each student with a biblical foundation for life (what an awesome responsibility) that promotes Christ-like character, scholastic excellence and faithful service to others.  I am asking each parent to hold us (the faculty & staff) accountable to this mission statement for this school year.  I promise in turn to encourage each one of you to work along side us to help carry out this mission for your children.

The school verse for this year is John 3:16.  “For God so loved the world He gave His only Son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”  During our recent Spiritual Emphasis Week, many of our students came forward to profess Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.  What a joy it was to see this happen and to now have the opportunity to encourage these students to grow in their faith.  Would you please join with the school staff as we pray for these students.

Please join with me as we dedicate this school year to the Lord and ask Him to lead and guide our school.

Your choice in schools is about the investment in your most valuable possession – the children that God has entrusted into your care.  Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to partner with you.